Ford Taurus CFME

1. NG Computer System

The ASFT computer system includes a measurement computer and operating computer, communicating through Bluetooth for entirely wireless communication. The computer is pre-programmed for measurement and presentation in accordance with FAA and ICAO requirements. The computer system controls the measuring procedure and presents the results on the computer display. The data is then stored and can be downloaded or transferred wirelessly.

2. Self-watering System

The Ford Taurus CFME can be equipped with a self-watering system for functional measuring. The tank volume is sufficient for making a measurement on a full-scale runway with a water depth of 0.04 inch in front of the friction measuring tire.

3. Electricity Service Box

This easily accessible service box centralizes all relays and fuses for the measuring system.

4. Torque Transferor

When the measuring wheel slips on the runway surface, the friction creates a torque which is transferred to the chain system and measured by a load sensor.

5. Measuring Wheel

A special, high-pressure tire has been developed for operational measurement purposes. Measuring results with this tire have been shown to correlate with aircraft braking characteristics. For calibration purposes, a low-pressure tire can be used. The slip ratio of the measuring wheel is about 12% (the exact value depends on the wear of the measuring tire and the car tires).

6. Hydraulic Unit

The unit provides constant pressure for the wheel retraction mechanisms and for the vertical load on the measuring wheel.

7. Vertical Load Sensor

This monitors the vertical down pressure created by the hydraulic system and makes necessary adjustments in insure a constant ground contact pressure during measuring.