New Generation Computer System

ASFT’s New Generation (NG) Computer System combines all our knowledge about friction testing and adds new technology to make the handling and administration of measure results easier, faster and safer. We have added all the functionality that you can expect from a system designed today.

The main goals of the New Generation ASFT CFME are

  • Standard, reliable, proven techniques
  • Traceability of measure results
  • Authentication of operators
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Ability to save GPS positioning of results
  • Ability to remotely monitor the use of the equipment and real-time viewing of measuring values.

Presentation Computer

The CFME operator controls and monitors the system through a rugged, touchscreen computer. GPS gives the ability to see the friction values as well as the temperature values in the map view of the screen in real time on its accurate position. GPRS technology facilitates live viewing through the internet.

Measuring Computer

The heart of the system, all friction measurement values are generated and stored here. This computer also controls all movement of the friction wheel, water pump action, and water pressure. All communication within the vehicle is by wireless Bluetooth, a proven, robust communication technique. When used with our T5 trailer CFME, no permanent installation is needed.


To access the measuring equipment, all personnel has to login with an ID and PIN code. Access to the whole system or only certain parts of the system can be imposed. Every measure that is produced from the friction system will be identifiable with the person who conducted it. Consequently, there is no risk of unauthorized personnel using the equipment. All data is owned by the customer, who has a secure personal account where the data can be accessed.

Basic Functions

  • 7.5 inch touchscreen with embedded windows operating system
  • Personnel authentication system to login and begin measuring
  • Continuously measuring of surface friction with / without water
  • Collected data is stored in the vehicle as an XML file
  • Collected data can be saved in PDF and XML format to USB stick or e-mailed through Wi-Fi system
  • Back-up of configurations of defined surfaces
  • Actual measure time and distance is accumulated and stored in the vehicle
  • FAA, ICAO, and any customized report format is automatically produced.


  • 10.5 inch touch screen with embedded windows operating system
  • Real-time monitoring of measuring values and GPS position through customer PC from any location on Internet
  • Service monitoring via ASFT database
  • Ice statistics system to decrease de-icing liquid consumption based on surface temperature
  • Continuous record of surface and air temperatures of every position with vehicle integrated precision equipment
  • Remote backup of configuration of defined surfaces via the measure database
  • Continuous record of position with every measuring result
  • Remote support via Internet.