CFME - T-5 Trailer

The T-5 trailer has been developed in order to offer airports and road authorities a wide choice of CFME equipment. The T-5 trailer benefits from ASFT’s same, highly successful MkIV rear-axle design as the integrated CFME vehicles.

In the MkIV design, the measuring wheel is not attached to the body or chassis of the host vehicle but is connected to the rear-axle via a spring. This unique design allows the friction wheel to work without any disturbance from movements in the host vehicle. It also guarantees that the vertical ground pressure is absolutely constant at 1400 N. Independent research has concluded over and over that the ASFT MkIV rear-axle has among the best correlation and repeatability in its industry.

The enclosed gear-mechanism design protects the T-5 from freezing up in snow and icy conditions.

The trailer built around the axle is relatively light; the weight is then added by carefully positioned lead weights. Combined with a unique suspension system, this construction combines easy handling with balance and stability, essential for reliable measuring results.

ASFT’s T-5 CFME trailer can also be equipped with a self-watering system for functional measuring. The standard tank capacity is 125 gallons, but any size can be custom made.